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WHO@ Newsletter - December 21, 2009 [Dec. 21st, 2009|10:35 am]
Working to Halt Online Abuse - WHOA
I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Dumbass

Flashing teen found guilty after being hit by car

A New Zealand teen who was flashing her breasts at passing cars has been found guilty of disorderly behavior for the prank, which ended with her in a hospital after a distracted driver ran into her. Cherelle May Dudfield, 18, pleaded guilty to the charge when she appeared in Invercargill District Court, the Southland Times newspaper reported Wednesday.

Dudfield, egged on by her friends, was flashing passing motorists from a traffic island in the middle of a four-lane road in the southern city of Invercargill on Sept. 27.

The alcohol-fueled prank went awry when one of the vehicles crashed into her as she tried to run to the side of the road, police Inspector Olaf Jensen said.

"She was extremely lucky as the vehicle had slowed because of her behavior," he told The Associated Press. "She rolled up onto the bonnet (hood) and cracked the windscreen before she came down with some minor injuries and was taken to hospital."

The prank occurred in the city center, where a ban on alcohol use is in force, he noted.

Dudfield was fined $198.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Probationer wanted for stalking caught after Crime Stoppers tip - 12/21/09
A probationer wanted on new charges of cyberstalking was arrested in Roanoke Rapids Friday after a tip to Crime Stoppers.

Federal jury: White supremacist guilty of making online threats - 12/21/09
A federal jury in Virginia has found a white supremacist guilty of four counts of making online threats.

Cyber 'Detectives' Irk Celebrities - 12/20/09
A growing number of Internet users are acting like private detectives in cyber space, tracing private notes and pictures of people involved in scandals with celebrities, before spreading them on the Internet. Making private information public without the consent from individuals is illegal.

Firearms officer made online death threat against sergeant - 12/20/09
A specialist firearms officer has been disciplined for boasting in an online forum that he could "put a bullet" between the eyes of his sergeant.

Upper Saucon man accused of sending e-mail threats to Lehigh County judge - 12/19/09
A Upper Saucon Township man, who was out on bail awaiting trial on domestic violence charges filed in September, has been sent back to prison after reportedly e-mailing threats to a Lehigh County judge.

Judge refuses to reduce $500,000 bond for former Faulkner student in online threat case - 12/19/09
District Judge Sharon Yates refused to reduce a $500,000 bond Friday for a for­mer Faulkner University student ar­rested in connection with a post on Face­book.

Lowndes man facing cyberstalking charge remains in jail - 12/18/09
A Steens man injured in what police are calling a “justified” shooting remains in jail after a Dec. 12 incident.
Michael Raymond Parker, 34, of 380 Honeysuckle Drive in Steens, was arrested Dec. 12 at 10 a.m. at Baptist Memorial Hospital–Golden Triangle on charges of cyberstalking, e-mail communication to extort or threaten harm.

Norton: ‘Sex’ A Top Internet Search Among Children - 12/18/09
Findings released by Internet security specialty firm Norton showed that sex was a hot online search topic for children in 2009, AFP reported.

Woman charged with cyberstalking mother-in-law - 12/18/09
A Burlington woman was charged Friday with five counts of cyberstalking after she sent out several e-mails accusing her mother-in-law of fraud.

Texas Man Sentenced to 15 Years for Making Threats Over the Internet - 12/17/09
United States Attorney John E. Murphy announced that in San Antonio this morning, 33-year-old Steven Weste was sentenced to 15 years in federal prison followed by three years of supervised release for making threats over the Internet.

Facebook group that mocked murdered baby shut down - 12/17/09
A Facebook group set up to mock murdered toddler Millie Martin has been taken off the internet after concerns over its content were raised.

Congress Takes Aim at Fake Caller IDs - 12/17/09
Fake caller identifications have been used to call in false alarms to SWAT teams, steal financial information and disguise those irritating dinnertime telemarketing calls.

Monitoring texts employer's right - 12/16/09
The city of Ontario and its Police Department find themselves at the center of deciding a key privacy law for the Internet age.
The U.S. Supreme Court said Monday that it would take up the case of Ontario police Sgt. Jeff Quon and three others who sued the city. The U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled last year in Quon's favor, saying that the 4th Amendment protection from unreasonable search and the federal Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 protected the privacy of the officers' text messages sent on devices provided by the Police Department. The city appealed.

Rogue Antivirus Lurks Behind Google Doodle Searches - 12/16/09
In Esperanto the word is "malica." It means malicious and it's the best way of describing many of the search results Google visitors got Tuesday when the clicked on Google's front-page Doodle sketch, dedicated to Esperanto's creator.

A Golf Porn Lawsuit That Has Nothing To Do With Who You Think - 12/16/09
There are many ways of getting yourself banned from exclusive country clubs. Being poor or a minority are probably the most common, but letting them film a golf-themed porno there is probably the most exciting.

Man who posted threats against BART cop gets three years - 12/16/09
A Virginia man who posted several Internet threats against former BART police Officer Johannes Mehserle has been sentenced to three years in prison.

Liberals remove faked PM assassination shot - 12/15/09
Canada's opposition Liberal Party has taken down from its website a doctored photo of Lee Harvey Oswald being shot and killed in which Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper's face was substituted for Oswald's.
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WHO@ Newsletter - December 14, 2009 [Dec. 14th, 2009|11:43 am]
Working to Halt Online Abuse - WHOA
I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Tinfoil Hat Alert!!!

"Secret agent" busted in late night car chase
German police arrested a man who claimed to be a "secret agent" after a high speed chase in pursuit of a car with a blue flashing light on its roof.

Police in the southern city of Fuerth caught up with the man after he raced past them, ignored signals to pull over, and ran a red light as they gave chase.

Smelling strongly of alcohol, the 44-year-old whispered only that he was "one of them," on a secret mission and belonged to the Federal Crime Office -- a body similar to the FBI -- local police said. A check revealed he had no such credentials.

"After matters were taken care of, the would-be 'Mr. Bond' was again released," police said in a statement on Thursday.

A local police spokesman said the man in reality had "a normal job" and declined to explain his nighttime sortie. He faces charges for a variety of driving offences.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

A.M. News: Text messages leads to 'cyberstalking' charge - 12/14/09
A 20-year-old Belmont man allegedly threatened a woman through the use of text messages over a phone.

Bullies use Web to spread their hurt - 12/14/09
The old schoolyard bully who haunted the places a teacher's eye somehow never reached is increasingly taking a backseat to a new kind of bully who uses the Internet's constant playground and knows no boundaries.

Adobe Flash's security woes: How to protect yourself - 12/14/09
Adobe's Flash Player software is on 99 percent of Internet-connected desktops, offering up multimedia and video capabilities on a multitude of popular Web sites such as YouTube. But the Adobe Flash platform has been beset by a rash of security problems that give intruders potential access to computers running the software.

Police: Man's house broken into while he was on MySpace date - 12/12/09
Jason Barker is a hardworking St. Clair Shores guy who thought he'd try meeting a nice girl on MySpace. Instead, as a kind 24-year-old woman from Oak Park chatted with him during their first date at a Chili's restaurant, police say her accomplice was cleaning out Barker' s Downing Street home Dec. 1.

Swedish service performs your last online wishes - 12/11/09
Sunniva Geertinger was devastated when her boyfriend took his life early this year.
To make matters worse, his Facebook account proved almost impossible to put to rest, haunting her like a ghost with new wall-posts from network pals and holiday photos from the past.

FBI: Rogue Antivirus Scammers Have Made $150M - 12/11/09
They're the scourge of the Internet right now and the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation says they've also raked in more than US$150 million for scammers. Security experts call them rogue antivirus programs.

San Francisco Woman Sues -- Well, She Doesn't Know Who -- For Posting Her Nude Pics - 12/11/09
No need to dream of being Pamela Anderson or Paris Hilton or even former Miss California Carrie Prejean. You, too, can have your own internet sex scandal. Or nightmare. A private citizen of San Francisco has filed suit in Superior Court against some rotten anonymous internet trolls who posted photos of her topless when she was 16 on Flickr and Badongo.com with her real maiden name.

Boy, 15, charged in phone threats to his former high school - 12/11/09
Howard County police have arrested a Columbia teenager they say used Internet "spoofing" software to make telephone threats to his former high school and the Howard County Board of Education.

Fears over organised child fights - 12/11/09
Schoolchildren are being forced to take part in street fights by at least one adult who records them and posts videos on the internet, it has been claimed.

Bereaved father charged in alleged e-mail threats - 12/10/09
The father of a 4-year-old Sturbridge boy who accidentally drowned in 2007 has been charged with threatening town officials in an e-mail that mentions his son’s death.

Ashanti Seeks Protection Against Sex Texting Stalker - 12/10/09
Singer Ashanti has a filed an order of protection against an Indiana man accused of stalking her and her family. According to reports Devar Hurd, 31, is accused of sending Ashanti's mother, Tina Douglas, 32 lewd text messages over the summer.

13 more sites expel NY sex offenders - 12/10/09
Sites owned by Yahoo, AOL, and Google have joined Facebook and MySpace in expelling New York sex offenders from their rolls.
New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo announced Thursday that Google's Orkut.com, AOL's Bebo.com, and Yahoo's Flickr.com are among 13 additional social-networking sites to use sex offender data available through New York's Electronic Securing and Targeting of Online Predators Act (E-Stop) to find and disable accounts associated with registered sex offenders.

Woman jailed in perjury case - 12/09/09
A woman convicted of fabricating evidence that put an innocent man in jail for three months is now serving a prison sentence of her own.
A judge sentenced Kellye Stephens, a 23-year-old former Norwich University student, to 29 to 30 days in prison at a hearing Tuesday in Vermont District Court in Barre.

Sexting: Just "Kid Stuff" or Child Porn - 12/09/09
What do you call someone at the maximum level of risk-taking behavior, but due to age, has the least ability to be rational (and thus can't recognize the consequences of their actions)? The answer: a teenager.

CRUEL bullies formed a cyber gang to terrorise a hole-in-the-heart schoolgirl at home.
Beth Ellis, 13, whose condition left her smaller and weaker than pupils the same age, had toughed it out against the hate mob in the playground.

John Stamos Targeted for $680,000 Extortion Attempt - 12/08/09
John Stamos announced he was blackmailed for $680,000, reported People Magazine.
The "Full House" star told reporters a man and a woman attempted to blackmail him with photos of, what Stamos claims, are fans posing for pictures.

Two arrested in Japan for scamming purchase reward points out of popular site - 12/07/09
Two men have been arrested for scamming thousands of dollars worth of purchase reward points out of a popular internet shopping site by booking tens of thousands of hotel rooms, Japanese police announce on Dec. 7th.
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WHO@ Newsletter - December 7, 2009 [Dec. 7th, 2009|10:47 am]
Working to Halt Online Abuse - WHOA
I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .The title just amused me

Police nab woman with nearly $600 of stolen meat
Galesburg police said they have filed a retail theft charge against a woman who was reportedly found pushing a cart filled with nearly $600 worth of meat and meat products outside a supermarket.

Police went to the supermarket Wednesday evening after a store employee spotted the woman on the street outside and apparently coaxed her into returning to the store with the cart.

Officers said the woman appeared intoxicated and told them only that she had taken the meat was that she wanted to visit her boyfriend, who was an inmate at the Knock County Jail.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

You've Got Freedom: AOL ends ties with Time Warner - 12/07/09
AOL is shaking loose from Time Warner Inc. and heading into the next decade the way it began this one, as an independent company. Unlike the 1990s, though, when AOL got rich selling dial-up Internet access, it starts the 2010s as an underdog, trying to beef up its Web sites and grab more advertising revenue.

Net prices ‘fixed’, warns eBay - 12/06/09
BRITAIN’S biggest online marketplace, eBay, has exposed big brands for fixing prices on its website at inflated levels for popular Christmas gifts, from flatscreen LCD televisions to £300 coffee makers.

Facebook, cyberstalking, and National Security - 12/06/09
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) working with the Samuelson Law, Technology, and Public Policy Clinic at the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law (Samuelson Clinic), has filed suit against various government agencies following a general federal failure to reply to a Freedom Of Information Act request seeking "information concerning the government's use of social-networking websites for investigative purposes on citizens' privacy rights and associated legal protections".

Anger at sex infection texts - 12/06/09
THE ETHICS of a high-tech campaign targeting the spread of sexually transmitted diseases has come under fire from medical groups and ethical organisations.

Two accused of attack on Internet acquaintance - 12/06/09
Two teenagers were charged with assault and harassment, accused of beating a 17-year-old female who showed up Friday at the Fisher Street address of one of the suspects, who was an Internet acquaintance, Buffalo police said.

Women rights activists seek protection against cyber crimes - 12/05/09
Representatives of various civic society organisations and women rights activists have expressed concerns over increase in cyber crimes against women and urged the government to introduce strong legislation to combat this emerging new menace against women.

1 In 4 Teenagers Engage In 'Sexting' - 12/04/09
More than one-in-four young people said they had been involved in “sexting” of some type, according to a new Associated Press-MTV poll.

Social networking proves to be a useful tool for public safety - 12/04/09
Social networking has become a familiar tool utilized by many to keep in touch with friends and family. Today social networking is also an effective communication tool for those who work in public safety.

The rise and fall of MySpace - 12/04/09
In summer 2005, having spent the best part of four decades ­building a newspaper, film and television empire, Rupert Murdoch decided that the time had come to get serious about the internet.

Jury gets case of blogger accused of judge threats - 12/04/09
A New Jersey blogger crossed the line protecting free speech by writing that three federal judges in Chicago "must die" for a decision supporting gun control, a prosecutor said Friday, as the defense countered in closing arguments that giving a passionate opinion is not a crime.

AOL Ditches Security Tokens To Make Logging In Easier - 12/04/09
AOL customers who sprang for the company’s $10 “PassCode” security token to harden their account can get ready to toss their fancy crypto-numeric keyfobs in the same landfill as all those CD-ROMs AOL mailed them in the 1990s.

Former Nicholls student receives probation for Internet threats - 12/04/09
A former Nicholls State University student received probation and community service from a federal judge in New Orleans for sending threatening messages to people on a social networking Web site following President Barack Obama’s election.

More than 1,200 UK shopping websites shut down - 12/04/09
More than 1,200 illegal internet shopping websites that have made millions of pounds for criminals have been shut down by Scotland Yard in the biggest operation of its kind in Britain.

Internet addicts more likely to self harm - 12/04/09
Teenagers who are addicted to the internet are more likely to self-harm than their peers, a new study has claimed.

Suicide tied to cyber bullying - 12/03/09
The recent suicide of 12-year-old Sarah Butler, a Williford seventh grader has once again brought attention to the need for more aggressive cyber bullying legislation in the state.

Ruskin teen's suicide following topless photo draws attention to sexting - 12/03/09
A Ruskin 13-year-old's suicide after a topless photo she sent to a boy made its way to classmates has focused the spotlight on sexting – sharing sexually explicit photos, videos and chat by cell phone or online.

Thanksgiving Webcam Promo Leads to Malware - 12/03/09
The US$10 webcam that Anna Giesman bought her daughter at Office Depot over the Thanksgiving weekend sounds like one of those deals that's too good to be true. And for her, it was. A week later, she's worried and upset because a CD that came with the camera contained a Web link that apparently infected her PC with fake antivirus software.

Online Privacy Campaign Site Kicks Off - 12/03/09
A new site dedicated to improving online privacy launched today with a tool for filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, along with information about your privacy rights - or lack thereof.

Hacker Hits Adobe Illustrator With New Attack - 12/03/09
Adobe Systems' security response team is scrambling to fix a newly disclosed bug in its Illustrator software, even as it readies another security patch for next week.

Web limit on police 'naming and shaming' of criminals - 12/03/09
Police forces that "name and shame" criminals must remove the details from websites after a month, new rules say.

Wikipedia ordered to reveal identity of 'editor' accused of blackmailing mother and child - 12/03/09
A businesswoman smeared by an anonymous contributor to Wikipedia has won a landmark legal battle to have her accuser unmasked.

Slain wife was victim of cyber-stalking - 12/02/09
Court documents obtained by KRCG News reveal more about Karen Kahler's allegations that she suffered long-term abuse at the hands of her husband.

Internet ethics in the office - 12/02/09
All of the basic concepts and ideas that follow are the product of my experience, and your employer can offer a more lenient or more conservative Internet use policy based on the needs of the business or your terms of employment. As you prioritize your Internet use in the office, it is important to contemplate how it fits into your value system. It is ultimately your decision whether an extra hour of YouTube or Facebook use in the office is worth risking the continued income and benefits your employer provides.

Local Blogger Facing Cyberstalking Charges - 12/02/09
A local blogger is facing cyberstalking charges after authorities said he sent more than two-dozen e-mails in less than an hour to another blogger.

Doctors warned not to respond to sexual advances from patients on Facebook - 12/02/09
The Medical Defence Union (MDU) said it was aware of several cases where patients have attempted to proposition doctors by sending them a private message via a networking site.

W.Va. man sues over use of mugshot - 12/01/09
A McMechen man whose mugshot won a measure of Internet fame is planning to sue companies he says are profiting from the image.
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WHO@ Newsletter - November 30, 2009 [Nov. 30th, 2009|10:31 am]
Working to Halt Online Abuse - WHOA
I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Snort!

Pig farts spark Australia gas scare

A flatulent pig sparked a gas emergency in southern Australia when a farmer mistook its odours for a leaking pipe, according to officials.

Fifteen firefighters and two trucks were called to a property at Axedale in central Victoria state after reports of a gas leak, the Country Fire Service said.

"When we got there, as we drove up the driveway, there was this huge sow, about a 120-odd kilo (265-pound) sow, and it was very obvious where the gas was coming from," said fire captain Peter Harkins.

"We could not only smell it, but we heard it and it was quite funny."

Harkins said the pig's owner was "a little bit embarrassed to say the least," and it took fire crews a little while to compose themselves.

"It was fairly obvious what it was. I think we dealt with it fairly professionally and had a bit of a giggle when we got back to the station," he told public broadcaster ABC.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Report: FBI paid controversial NJ blogger for help - 11/30/09
A New Jersey blogger about to stand trial on charges he made death threats against federal judges apparently was paid by the FBI in its battle against domestic terrorism, according to a published report.

Facebook face the bullies - 11/29/09
Facebook is... joining our Click Bullying Into Touch campaign as the net closes in on vile cyberbullies.

For stars, high-tech gaffes hard to hide - 11/28/09
So, you fail to take a deep breath and to count to 10 ­ and you post something you probably shouldn't on Twitter or Facebook, or somewhere else online.

Text-a-Tip programs allow tipsters to help police - 11/28/09
A mother in Boston tells police her 8-year-old boy was shot to death in their apartment by gunmen in hooded sweat shirts during a home invasion. Officers later receive a text message from an anonymous tipster that leads them to a much different conclusion: the boy's 7-year-old cousin accidentally shot him while the two boys were playing with a loaded 9 mm handgun.

Woman Charged After Email Threat Delays MIA Flight - 11/28/09
A Sunny Isles woman concerned her boss would miss his pre-Thanksgiving AmericanAirlines flight to Honduras apparently tried to buy him some extra timeby making a bomb threat. While the flight was detained so was she, after she was caught because she not only phoned the threat in, she used a computer to e-mail it, leading police straight to her door.

Internet sales of hidden 'nanny' cameras booming - 11/28/09
There’s nothing like a stout mix of fear and falling technology prices to whip up sales of hidden cameras.
Surveillance experts say sales of “nanny cams” are exploding, fueled by distrust and easy access to inexpensive, quality equipment from Web sites around the world.

Vitale loses bid to bar use of e-mail - 11/28/09
A judge has rejected a plea by Richard Vitale, former House speaker Salvatore DiMasi’s friend and former financial adviser, to bar prosecutors from using his personal e-mails in their influence-peddling case against him.

Watch out for abusive Web relationships, AWAIC tells young adults - 11/27/09
It's an effort to reduce a growing problem among teens and young adults in Alaska: dating violence and abuse through the Internet.
Abused Women's Aid in Crisis kicked off a campaign to raise awareness about the issue Friday, with a little help from a local radio station. Tonight we take a closer look at the campaign, and the dangers of social networking sites.

Lawyer calls for camera phones to be banned at the office Christmas party - 11/27/09
Mobile camera phones should be banned from office Christmas parties to prevent photographs of workers misbehaving being posted on the internet, an employment lawyer has warned.

Facebook fakes steal AFL stars' identities - 11/27/09
MORE than 40 AFL players have had their identities stolen on social networking websites, with one footballer so concerned he has reported the fraud to police.

JNTU students mail bomb threats in V-C’s name - 11/26/09
Detained students of the Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University-Hyderabad (JNTUH) are suspected to have sent out email threats to Technical Education Minister MV Ramana, Andhra Pradesh Council for Higher Education chairman KC Reddy and their own vice-chancellor DN Reddy.

Starving trolls is key to internet harmony - 11/26/09
Ignoring internet "trolls" is the best way to deter people who surf the internet picking fights and abusing people on discussion forums, says an expert. ABC News Online this week scrapped its 'Open for Comment' panel in a bid to deter trolls, who constantly start arguments and hurl abuse at other participants.

From The Geniuses Behind Net Censorship Comes “The Panic Button” - 11/26/09
Some of the strongest advocates for internet censorship in Australia are now pushing a new idea to save kiddies from the dangers that apparently lurk behind every website: a “panic button.”

Two Beefeaters sacked from Tower of London for bullying first female Yeoman - 11/26/09
Two Beefeaters have been sacked for bullying the first woman to join their ranks.
Colleagues said Mark Sanders-Crook and Bob Brown had been dismissed and would have to leave their grace-and-favour homes in the Tower of London after being found guilty of harassing Moira Cameron.

Hong Kong police track Facebook suicide group: report - 11/26/09
Hong Kong police are seeking the Internet user behind a Facebook group that encouraged teenagers to commit mass suicide, a report said Thursday, after a 15-year-old member tried to kill himself.

Sexting is serious - 11/25/09
Sending nude or otherwise provocative pictures through text messages is called sexting.
Even if you haven't heard of it, you can bet teens and the police have. Wednesday Captain Dan Hally from the Asotin County Sheriff's Office talked to teens at CHS about the dangers.

Hit me on my cell: Digital abuse among teens - 11/25/09
Call it textual harassment, sexting, cyber-stalking, but new technology has given birth to new ways for teens (and younger) to participate in dangerous behaviors.

Police Conducting Facebook Drinking Stings - 11/25/09
We know Facebook has helped police solve all sorts of crimes, from burglary to vandalism.
But did you know it’s also being used to fight a far more pernicious crime? No, not child sex abuse.
Underage drinking.

Parents need to pay attention - 11/24/09
Parents need to pay attention to what their children are doing and talk to them regularly. That was the overall advice given to a group of parents, teachers and citizens who attended a community meeting Thursday, hosted by School Resource Officers Lt. Darvin Couch, Cindy George and Anthony Walden.

2 busted for threatening YouTube rap - 11/24/09
Two young Massachusetts men have been charged with posting a threatening video on YouTube that mentioned the names of a state trooper and a probation officer.

Former Olympian jailed over 'cyber-sex' sessions con - 11/24/09
A former weightlifting champion has been jailed for three years for tricking young boys into taking part in internet "cyber-sex" sessions.
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WHO@ Newsletter - November 23, 2009 [Nov. 23rd, 2009|10:06 am]
Working to Halt Online Abuse - WHOA
If you celebrate Thanksgiving, I hope it's a good one for you!

I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .That'll distract them for sure
Trapped thief drops trousers in bungled burglary

He wiggled, jiggled and even dropped his trousers, but a thief trying to break into a supermarket in Portugal stayed stuck fast in a tiny window until he was rescued by police and the fire brigade.

"Apparently he dropped his trousers as he was trying to free himself by wiggling," Capt. Santos, local police chief in Loule in southern Portugal, told Reuters Monday.

He said the slim 22-year-old Romanian man had spent about 11 hours stuck in the window, including the two hours it took police and the fire brigade to get him out Sunday morning.

"Once he got his upper body inside, there was nothing there to find support on, so he was stuck at his waist ... It's not uncommon for thieves to get inside and then not be able to get out after a burglary, but this was quite unusual," Santos said.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Doctor cleared of sexual harassment sues Internet provider for info on blog author - 11/23/09
A doctor cleared of sexual harassment charges has filed a lawsuit demanding an Internet provider hand over information on a blog author, saying his reputation was damaged in an online post after the ruling.

Women warned off no-strings sex sites - 11/22/09
LONELY Welsh women are turning to sordid internet sites to find no-strings thrills, Wales on Sunday can reveal.
The lovelorn browsers could become targets for stalkers and kidnappers, experts believe, as the so-called casual encounter forums could act as a magnet for dangerous predators.

Erin Andrews' lawyer to federal judge: Accused stalker preyed upon a second woman - 11/22/09
According to the New York Daily News, ESPN's Erin Andrews wasn't the only woman that her accused stalker preyed upon. When suspect Michael Barrett made his first appearance in federal court on Friday, Andrews' lawyer, Marshall Grossman, read parts of a five-page statement from an Arizona woman who claims the same man had stalked her, the Daily News reports.

Girl, 12, driven to suicide attempt by text messages - 11/21/09
On Tuesday a mother and her 12-year-old daughter sat on opposite ends of their living room sofa and did their best to explain to me why the daughter, a seventh grader, tried to end her life earlier this month.

Networking sites can fuel criminal obsession - 11/21/09
Facebook, MySpace, Linkedin and Twitter have created platforms for friends, business colleagues and often strangers to connect. Users can post pictures, videos, comments and messages.

Marshwood Middle School parents told 58 of 60 kids accepted unknown Facebook friend - 11/21/09
Marshwood Middle School parents were shocked to learn from Internet expert Jayne Hitchcock Thursday evening that 58 of 60 middle school honors students accepted her as a friend on Facebook without knowing who she was.

Cyberbullying and ‘sexting’ - 11/21/09
The U.S. Secret Service came to Secaucus High School/Middle School on Nov. 13 to give a presentation on “Hazards of Electonic Medium,” which included a discussion of cyberbullying, online social networking, texting, “sexting,” and online safety for young people, addressing issues that have made national headlines.

Hackers 'expose global warming con': Sceptics claim that leaked emails reveal research centre massaged temperature data - 11/21/09
One of the world’s leading climate change research centres has been accused of manipulating data on global warming after thousands of private emails and documents were leaked.
Hackers targeted the University of East Anglia’s Climatic Research Unit and published the files, including some personal messages, on the internet.

Pirates find easy new pickings in open waters of e-book publishing - 11/21/09
Digital pirates, who for years have tormented the music and film industries, have found a new source of plunder in e-book publishing.
With the words “dan brown lost symbol torrent” and a few clicks, anyone can download the American author’s latest bestseller free via any of hundreds of web links.

From cinema screens to illegal DVDs in the same day - 11/21/09
Online piracy has moved from a niche problem carried out by tech-savvy file-sharers to a mass movement, according to the music and film industries.
Paramount Pictures said that pirated versions of Star Trek were downloaded more than 5 million times in the four months after its release.

False information about minister leads to cyberstalking charge - 11/20/09
A Mount Holly woman faces a cyberstalking charge for allegedly e-mailing false information about a minister to church leaders.

Mussolini's 'brain and blood for sale on internet' - 11/20/09
The granddaughter of Italy's fascist dictator Benito Mussolini has said that blood and parts of his brain have been stolen to sell on the internet.

Fake medicines seized as websites are shut down - 11/20/09
The public are being warned of the dangers of buying unlicensed medicines on the internet. The alert comes as hundreds of websites are being shut down for selling fake or illicit drugs around the world.

Stalker who tricked nurse to send nude pics blames religious upbringing - 11/19/09
A GOLD Coast radiographer who tricked a hospital nurse into sending him nude photos of herself has blamed his crime on a strict religious upbringing and an addiction to pornography.

Dangers of Technology: Cyber-bullying, stalking can have damaging effects - 11/19/09
These days school bullies are not like many parents remember them.
The next generation is using popular social networking sites to attack your kids.

Glassed woman tracks down attacker on Facebook - 11/19/09
When police drew a blank in the hunt for the woman thug who nearly blinded her in a vicious nightclub attack, Jennifer Wilson did not let the matter rest.

Dog abuser gets internet justice - 11/19/09
DISGUSTED internet users joined forces yesterday to hunt down a mindless thug filmed throwing a dog off a busy bridge. The vile Lithuanian man was videoed by his pals joking that "dogs can fly" before hurling the helpless pup into a dried-up ravine.

Dubai court gets first Facebook libel case - 11/18/09
A business partner has admitted cursing and defaming his former employee on Facebook during the first-of-its-kind trial involving the worldwide electronic social networking tool.
This is believed to be the first court hearing, which involves suspects abusing Facebook for unlawful acts, to be highlighted in the media.

Spam's new flavours - 11/18/09
When Luis von Ahn gives talks on his work fighting spam, he likes to start by asking the audience a question. "How many of you have had to fill out one of those web forms that asks you to read a distorted sequence of letters or a word?" he asks. "How many of you found that annoying?"

'So I called her dumb, blonde and decorative? That's not an insult' - 11/18/09
Joking about dumb blondes, topless women and sex is a perfectly reasonable way to behave at work, a wealthy financier has insisted.
In Mark Lowe's high-octane world of hedge-fund management, risqué comments and e-mails about women, lady-boys and sheep are just part of the wallpaper.

When the stalker is someone you trust - 11/17/09
OVER the past few weeks in our Women Reclaim the Web campaign, we have learned that 80 per cent of victims of cyber-stalking are women, and many have been the victims of ex-lovers, but although it seems relationships have a lot to do with online stalking it is not always men who are the stalkers. This week, we talk to a woman who was stabbed in the back by the person who she least expected.

Facebook threat ex is a free man - 11/17/09
A MAN who left abusive messages on his ex-girlfriend's Facebook page and threatened to kill her and her family has walked free from court.
Lloyd Pearce, aged 22, insulted and threatened his former partner, her mother and uncle face to face, via the social networking site, by phone and text over a month.

Rage at Claudia hoaxer - 11/17/09
THE parents of Claudia Lawrence were shattered yesterday after a vile hoaxer posed as the missing university chef on Facebook.
Furious cops were last night hunting the sicko, who left a message on the social networking website reading: "Hi everyone - I am OK and safe and sound."
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Marshwood Middle School Presentations [Nov. 21st, 2009|10:32 am]
Working to Halt Online Abuse - WHOA
Read them at the official Net Crimes blog
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WHO@ Newsletter - November 16, 2009 [Nov. 16th, 2009|11:22 am]
Working to Halt Online Abuse - WHOA
I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Wow.
Mass. principal bans students from saying 'Meep!'

Who knew "Meep!" was a four-letter word? The utterance favored by bungling lab assistant Beaker of "The Muppet Show" has been banned at Danvers High School in Massachusetts after students said it to repeatedly interrupt school.

Principal Thomas Murray said the word was part of a disruption planned using Facebook.

The Salem News reports that parents recently got an automated call about "Meep!" from Murray. He warned them that students who said or displayed the word at school could be suspended.

Murray says the warning was needed because students didn't heed his "reasonable request" to stop the meeping.

Danvers High sophomore Melanie Crane says it doesn't mean anything in particular.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Cyberbullies hit primary schools - 11/16/09
Cyberbullying is a growing problem in primary schools, according to the Anti-Bullying Alliance.

Online gangs cashing in on swine flu - 11/16/09
Criminal gangs are making millions of dollars out of the H1N1 flu pandemic by selling fake flu drugs over the internet, a web security firm said on Monday.

Brazilian police hunt lone blogger exposing 'unfaithful' wives online - 11/15/09
Brazilian police are hunting a blogger who claims to be waging a lone crusade against unfaithful wives.
The man, from a small rural town of Lagoa da Prata, in Minas Gerais, has so far posted the name of 300 supposed cuckolds on a popular social networking site.

Trail of online suicides - 11/15/09
A CHILLING series of deaths have been linked to bullying via social networking sites.
The victims - just like Matthew - were forced to endure the twin attacks of physical playground intimidation and internet threats.

Fake payslips bought on the web at the centre of mortgage fraud racket worth millions - 11/15/09
All it took was a few clicks of the mouse and a payment of £35 for an Observer reporter to obtain a counterfeit payslip over the internet which would allow her to commit mortgage fraud worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Slaughterman executed mother with bolt gun in front of her daughters after she snubbed him on Facebook - 11/14/09
A stalker was jailed for life yesterday for murdering a mother with a bolt gun used to slaughter livestock.
Fitness instructor Mary Griffiths, 38, had been due to meet police earlier that evening but her appointment to discuss the harassment had been put off until the following morning.

TN state trooper suspended over racially charged e-mail - 11/14/09
A Tennessee state trooper has been suspended for 15 days without pay and will be required to attend diversity training after he accidentally sent an e-mail proclaiming white pride to 787 state employees.

‘I’m coming to finish you off’ – attacker makes online threats to teenage victim - 11/14/09
AN attacker has taunted his terrified victim on teenage website Bebo – saying: “I’m coming to get you.”
The youngster, 17, nearly killed schoolboy Daniel Davenport 16 months ago in a knife attack.

Spam Campaign Targets Payment Transfer System - 11/13/09
A new spam campaign is targeting a financial transfer system that handles trillions of dollars in transactions annually and has proved to be a fertile target of late for online fraudsters.

Fake Verizon 'balance-checker' Is a Trojan - 11/13/09
Cyber-criminals have started preying on Verizon Wireless customers, sending out spam e-mail messages that say their accounts are over the limit and offering them a "balance checker" program to review their payments.

Gang jailed for £600,000 NatWest internet banking fraud - 11/13/09
A gang of internet fraudsters have been jailed for using a sophisticated computer virus to steal £600,000 from NatWest bank customers.

Wife snares paedophile husband by posing as online schoolgirl using computer in room next door - 11/13/09
A wife posed as a schoolgirl online to catch her husband using an internet chatroom to groom underage girls for sex.
Cheryl Roberts, 61, had become concerned about the amount of time her husband David spent at his computer.

Celebrity homes Web site raises concerns - 11/12/09
Suppose you could look at the pool in back of James Cameron's Malibu estate. Or admire the ornate garden on Haim Saban's Beverly Hills mansion. Or check out the tennis court at Tiger Woods' Florida home.
Should you?

Recently arrested NIU employee has history of similar offenses - 11/12/09
How NIU screens potential employees differs depending on the position applicants are seeking.
Steve Cunningham, vice president of human resources, said background checks are done on security-sensitive positions, which are defined as having contact with minors, controlled substances, weapons, and hazardous materials, and having access to the residence halls, among other things.

Social Networking and the New Workplace - 11/12/09
You are on the phone with a colleague and suddenly you feel as though you are speaking to yourself. You hear in the background the clicking of a computer keyboard, and you realize that you've lost the other person's attention. They are surfing the Internet or, more likely, checking their Facebook or Twitter account.

MPAA Shuts Down Town's Free Muni WiFi Over 1 Download - 11/12/09
The MPAA forced the town Coshocton, OH to shut down their entire free municipal WiFi network because of a single instance of a single user illegally downloading a copyrighted movie.

City worker frustrated over e-mail harassment - 11/12/09
An openly gay staffer in the San Francisco Medical Examiner's office is expressing frustration with the pace of an investigation into a harassing e-mail sent to another gay employee.

WDCA hits out at cyber sledging - 11/12/09
WARRNAMBOOL and District Cricket Association (WDCA) is breaking new ground by threatening to suspend players, officials and clubs which intimidate or degrade opponents by online sledging.

Porn star fake identity used to get nude nurse pics - court - 11/12/09
A RADIOGRAPHER created an internet identity using photos of a female porn star to trick a nurse into sending him raunchy photos of herself, a court has been told.

Headteacher suspends pupils after being 'cyberbullied' by Facebook group attacking her dress sense - 11/12/09
A headteacher has suspended three pupils after they set up a Facebook group attacking her dress sense.
Elizabeth Hitch was so incensed by comments on the social networking site that she threatened dozens of others at Beaumont School, St Albans, with disciplinary action.

I-Team: Former Weatherman Responds to Stalking Allegations - 11/11/09
A well-known TV weathercaster says personal demons drove him to threaten a woman he met on a dating service website.
The I-Team broke the story about dozens of strange and menacing messages left by former Channel 3 Meteorologist John Fredericks -- messages which led to a report filed with Las Vegas police.

Facebook: Friend or Foe? - 11/11/09
I recently read an article in the New York Times entitled “The Facebook Exodus.” Being a frequent Facebook user myself after I read the article I felt, well frankly, disturbed by it.

Family of missing woman getting threats - 11/10/09
In January of 2006 Drew Kesse’s daughter Jennifer Kesse vanished from her apartment near the Mall at Millenia. Now more worries for her father as police investigate death threats against him. After Jennifer Kesse disappeared, www.jenniferkesse.com was set up to help find the missing girl. For years people have posted well wishes, encouragement, even tips on where the girl might be. And every morning Drew Kesse reads the guestbook portion of the site.

The Facebook stalker - 11/10/09
A SPURNED weirdo who sent a girl hundreds of sick Facebook messages has been branded one of Britain's worst cyber-stalkers.
Jason Smith, 23, targeted Alexandra Scarlett in an 18-month online hate campaign after she rejected him.
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WHO@ Newsletter - November 9, 2009 [Nov. 9th, 2009|11:28 am]
Working to Halt Online Abuse - WHOA
I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Just how stupid can you be? Pretty stupid, it appears!

Man provides photo for his own wanted poster

A British man on the run from police sent a picture of himself to his local paper because he disliked the mugshot they had printed of him as part of a public appeal to track him down.

South Wales Police had issued media with the photo of Matthew Maynard, wanted by officers investigating a house burglary, as part of a crackdown on crime in Swansea.

When it appeared in the South Wales Evening Post, the 23-year-old sent the newspaper a replacement photo of himself standing in front of a police van. They obligingly printed it on the front page.

The police thanked him for helping them in their appeal, saying: "Everyone in Swansea will know what he looks like now."

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Radical imam praises alleged Fort Hood shooter online - 11/09/09
The personal Web site for a radical American imam living in Yemen who had contact with two 9/11 hijackers is praising alleged Fort Hood shooter Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan as a hero.

Online auction site launches for rich and famous - 11/09/09
Millionaires down on their luck now have a place to sell their mega-yachts, super-cars and family jewels without having to resort to the pawn shop.

Framed for child porn ­ by a PC virus - 11/09/09
Of all the sinister things that Internet viruses do, this might be the worst: They can make you an unsuspecting collector of child pornography.

Cyber vandal hits police website - 11/09/09
A computer hacker protesting over terror deaths in Pakistan has attacked the website of Durham Police, forcing it to temporarily close.

'Chilling' cyber stalker terrorised girl with Facebook death threats for two years after she refused to go out with him - 11/90/09
One of Britain’s most obsessive cyber stalkers terrorised a girl on the internet for almost two years because she refused to go out with him.

NY's Cuomo settles with Tagged.com over emails - 11/09/09
New York's attorney general said the operator of Tagged.com would pay $500,000 and overhaul its practices to resolve charges that the social networking site tricked members into providing personal details to lure new members and send out tens of millions of spam emails.

Internet use in the workplace: Know legal issues when policing employees' online activity - 11/07/09
It's something new to worry about in the workplace, and it's not going to go away.
Blogging and social networking sites have transformed the way companies do business, but there are also some legal issues to be mindful of when it comes to policing the online activity of your employees and protecting your company's reputation and product, according to Meredith Sayre, a partner at Carlsmith Ball, whose practice areas include business planning, labor and employment laws.

eBay Reaches Deal With Skype Founders, Your Gabbing Is Safe - 11/06/09
Skype users can breathe easier, now that one of technology's greatest business blunders has been fixed. The outside chance of a Skype shutdown has gone away, messy lawsuits have been resolved, and Skype's founders are back helping run the company.

Internet Posting by Alleged Ft. Hood Killer Showed Sympathy with Suicide Bombers - 11/06/09
Before entering the Ft. Hood Soldier Readiness Center and murdering 13 people­12 soldiers and one civilian­ and wounding 30 more yesterday afternoon, the alleged killer may have already been on law enforcement radar for online postings he made, according to the Associated Press.

Cyber sticks and stones - 11/06/09
What happens when schoolyard name-calling progresses into online harassment? With today’s adolescents now taking bullying into cyberspace, researchers are seeking ways to combat the growing issue of cyberbullying.

Teens arrested over firework killing after Facebook search - 11/09/09
Three teenagers were arrested today in connection with the death of a mother killed after a firework was pushed through her letterbox.

2,000-Year-Old Scrolls, Internet-Era Crime - 11/06/09
Early one morning in March, the law banged on the door of an apartment on Thompson Street in Greenwich Village. Investigators had a warrant to arrest Raphael Haim Golb and seize his computer. He was caught red-handed.

Mum raped by web beast in front of son - 11/06/09
A mum was raped in front of her young son by a man she met on the internet, police said yesterday.
The victim, 23, and her three-year-old boy were lured to the suspect's flat before she was knocked out and raped.

Dating site staff 'faked flirt messages' - 11/06/09
DIRECTORS of a dating website engaged in misleading conduct when they created fake profiles and sent messages to users to flirt with them, a consumer watchdog says.

Cyber crime at all-time high, turns to social networking - 11/05/09
While the Internet has opened many windows of opportunity to research, shopping and entertainment, it has also opened up the window for more crime.
According to the FBI’s annual Internet crime report, 2008 was an all-time high for cyber-crime complaints ­ a trend continuing to grow locally, as well.

Cyber-stalkers can be found lurking in phones, computers - 11/03/09
TECHNOLOGY has helped people escape from domestic violence through online help, but the wireless world and the Internet have also helped abusers to stalk and trap their victims.

Two Beefeaters suspended for bullying first woman yeoman on Wikipedia - 11/03/09
For more than five centuries the job of guarding the Tower of London was one for men only.
So when Moira Cameron became the first female Beefeater, the grumblings from her colleagues were to be expected.

Muslim mother hid bomb manual in her burka and 'considered turning her children into human bombs' - 11/03/09
A mother of six tried to smuggle 'a mini encyclopedia of weapons making' into Britain by concealing a small computer memory stick under her burka.

The Sun gets website to call in ‘net cops’ - 11/03/09
FACEBOOK called in web watchdogs yesterday to drive out perverts - in a victory for The Sun. We called for action after the mum of tragic Ashleigh Hall accused the site of failing to stop sex fiends using it to trawl for victims.
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WHO@ Newsletter - November 2, 2009 [Nov. 2nd, 2009|09:53 am]
Working to Halt Online Abuse - WHOA
I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Stupid stupid stupid

Men accused of pawning stolen items for bail cash
Two Bozeman men have been arrested on probation violations after police said they tried to pawn a truckload of stolen items to bail a friend out of jail. Helena Police Chief Troy McGee said the two 21-year-old men arrived at a pawn shop Saturday morning with about $20,000 worth of goods including bikes, televisions and tools.

The store's clerk was suspicious and called police. Officers questioned the men, who said they were trying to raise bail money for a friend. A check with Bozeman police produced no reports of burglaries matching the items.

The officers got the cell phone number from one of the men.

Less than an hour later, McGee said Bozeman police called to said they had started receiving theft reports.

Officers called the men and told them to turn themselves in. The men did and were arrested.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Police called after online threat to Katie Price's horses - 11/02/09
An online threat to horses belonging to Katie Price has seen the police get involved.
The threat was made on a discussion board and appeared centered around Price's relationship with Alex Reid, 34, a mixed martial arts cage-fighter.

No eternity with Marilyn as crypt auction fails again - 11/02/09
A second attempt to sell a crypt on top of Marilyn Monroe's final resting place has failed, with not a single bid received for the burial spot in a celebrity-filled Los Angeles cemetery.

Online threats require change in online ‘behaviour’ - 11/01/09
Americans, it seems, are getting the message that Internet safety and security is critical to their daily lives but many still need to employ safer cyber 'hygiene' and apply better ‘online behaviour’ to meet the threats of today that permeate the online environment.

Libel tourists flock to 'easy' UK courts - 11/01/09
An Icelandic professor has emerged as the latest victim of “libel tourism” in Britain after he was sued in the High Court by a wealthy compatriot for a posting on a website based in Iceland.

Woman who cried rape after sex with man she met online is jailed for nine months - 11/01/09
A woman who posted explicit photographs of herself on the web and then falsely claimed a man she met online had raped her has been jailed for nine months

E-mail threatens Cortez library staff - 11/01/09
A Montezuma County teen-ager will face criminal charges for threatening, via e-mail, to kill a Cortez librarian during a library fundraising event at the Cortez Journal office.
The 16-year-old boy sent the message Oct. 15 from a Cortez Public Library computer to a staff member at the library. The e-mail explained the youth's plan to murder the library's director, Joanie Howland, during Library Libations at the Journal.

Book pirates advance in £5bn war of the internet - 11/01/09
The stakes are high. On one side are the internet pirates who are offering digital copies of the latest bestsellers such as Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol for free. On the other are the authors and publishers who are determined to stop the £5 billion-a-year UK books market going the way of the music industry, which has seen revenues halve as a result of illegal downloads.

Mystery of Argleton, the 'Google' town that only exists online - 10/31/09
Argleton, a 'phantom town' in Lancashire that appears on Google Maps and online directories but doesn't actually exist, has puzzled internet experts.

NJ telemarketer admits role in big Internet scam - 10/30/09
A former telemarketing company official admitted Friday that he scammed small businesses out of millions of dollars by duping them into paying for Internet services without their consent.

Cyber parenting and the law: Teen's text-threat conviction thrown out - 10/30/09
According to the Sacramento Bee today, the 3rd District Court of Appeals in Sacramento threw out the text-threat and obscenity conviction of a Chico teen who was trying to get a rise out of his ex-girlfriend as he texted her threats to take a gun to school, kill a lot of people and then himself right in front of her. He had also been convicted of an obscenity charge stemming from words in a separate text to this ex-girlfriend.

Satanist uses MySpace to feed desire for teen girls - 10/30/09
A SATANIST obsessed with teenage schoolgirls invented a fake gothic society online to groom them for sex in the grounds of Sydney's Rookwood Cemetery.
Daniel William Peckham, 24, lured at least three girls, aged from 13 to 17, into the cemetery on his MySpace blog, "Rookwood Gothic Society".

Gang Initiation E-mail Hoax Spreads Fear - 10/29/09
Kelene Bolden, of East Hartford, was surprised by the text message she got on Wednesday. It read, “Gang initiation starts today from 6 p.m. to 2 a.m. They are planning to kill any female on the street. Pass the word.”

Sexting -- Your Kids May Be Doing It - 10/29/09
According to a recent study, about one in five teenagers have electronically distributed provocative pictures of themselves that could land them in jail. A joint survey by Cosmogirl.com and The National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy found that 19% of teenagers answered "yes" when asked if they had ever "sent a nude or semi-nude picture/video" of themselves to someone via email, cell phone, etc.

UConn Student Charged With Internet Threats In Stabbing Probe - 10/28/09
A University of Connecticut freshman from Wethersfield faces a host of charges in connection with comments he posted on Internet message boards that threatened potential witnesses to the slaying of UConn football player Jasper "Jazz" Howard, police said Thursday.

Facebook killing: First photo of suspect - 10/28/09
THIS is the first picture of the sex offender charged with killing a teenage girl he met on Facebook.
Peter Chapman led cops to the body of Ashleigh Hall after he was arrested for minor motoring offences earlier this week.

Mom Accused Of Craigslist Revenge On 9-Year-Old - 10/28/09
A Long Island mother is accused of posting a sexually suggestive ad on Craigslist urging older men to call a little girl in a twisted case of alleged revenge.
Social worker Margery Tannenbaum, of Hauppauge, is facing aggravated harassment and endangering the welfare of a child charges after allegedly giving sex-seeking men a 9-year old child's name phone number through the online posting.

Female teacher arrested over Japanese 'serial killings' - 10/28/09
A female Japanese teacher has been arrested on suspicion of defrauding and murdering a number of lonely men she met on the internet.
The woman, who has not been officially named, is accused of befriending her victims before persuading them to give her large amounts of money and then killing them.
Police believe a serial killer is responsible for the deaths of as many as six men, all disguised as suicides or accidents.

A fraudster called King Con, his claim to be the DPP and a string of women who fell for his charm - 10/27/09
His many convincing charades have included spells as a hospital consultant, army officer, ballet dancer, earl and merchant banker.
Yet master conman Paul Bint excelled even his own standards by posing as the Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer QC.
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WHO@ Newsletter - October 26, 2009 [Oct. 26th, 2009|10:20 am]
Working to Halt Online Abuse - WHOA
I couldn't make this up if I tried. . .Wow, someone needs to stop watching those zombie movies
Man ordering food called a zombie, punched twice

Iowa City police are investigating an early morning assault in which a man accused another of being a zombie, then punched him twice. Police said the assault occurred at 1:17 a.m. Sunday at an Iowa City restaurant south of the University of Iowa campus.

A man was ordering food when he was approached by another man who called him a zombie, then hit him in the eye. When the victim tried to call police on his cell phone, the man punched him again, breaking his nose.

The man then ran out a back door.

The victim was taken by ambulance to a hospital.

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(DISCLAIMER: The following news items were found on the web and were not written or endorsed by WHO@; they are for informational purposes only)

Online Threat Case Settled - 10/26/09
Four years after derogatory material was posted about them in an online law school discussion forum, two former Yale Law students have reached a settlement in their case against about two dozen anonymous online posters.

Employee Internet use can be both beneficial and detrimental - 10/26/09
For many employees, email and the Web are indispensable business tools.
When you give your employees internet access, you give them a resource that has the potential to reap enormous business benefits.
But it also has enormous potential to be misused and – in some instances – that misuse can be damaging for the business.

Experts: Internet bullying on the rise - 10/25/09
For hours, friends and family members thought Debbie Lee was going to commit suicide.
"Debbie Lee has realized her life is a lie and that her only friend is the handgun in the back of my closet," read one August Facebook post. There were dozens of others posted over nearly three hours.

'Let's Kill Berlusconi' Facebook group investigated by police - 10/24/09
Prosecutors are investigating several Facebook 'hate' groups set up against controversial Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi - including one that calls for his death.

Teenager who faked online suicide with ketchup faces police charges in U.S. - 10/23/09
A teenager who put ketchup on his arms and faked his suicide on a live video website has been charged.
New York state police received several calls on Tuesday night about a young man allegedly broadcasting a suicide attempt over the internet.

Police: Witnesses To UConn Killing Threatened Online - 10/23/09
University of Connecticut police say witnesses to the killing of football player Jasper Howard are being threatened with violence if they come forward with evidence.

Bullying calls, texts are illegal - 10/23/09
Today's technology allows people to communicate their discontent differently than in the traditional face-to-face situation, said Christopher Jenkins, lieutenant of investigations for the Kent State police.
Telecommunication harassment, which used to be called telephone harassment, involves any harassment by means of landline, cell phone, text, voicemails or e-mails - in other words, harassment through technology, Jenkins said.

Gautier man charged with cyberstalking - 10/23/09
Jackson County sheriff’s investigators this week arrested Vincent Salvador Drummond, 48, of Gautier and charged him with cyberstalking in connection with the use of cellphone texting.
Drummond was charged as the result of an investigation into several cases of “repeated harassing and threatening electronic communications,” sheriff’s investigators said Friday.

Phishers Dangle Some Brand-New Bait - 10/23/09
In September 2009, some unlucky visitors at the New York Times Web site clicked on an ad that attempted to install malware. The advertisement displayed a popup window informing readers that their computer might be infected with a virus; only by purchasing a new antivirus product could they be sure of having a clean system.

Online allegations spawn lawsuit by Wilmington mayoral candidate - 10/22/09
Wilmington mayoral candidate Paul Knight filed a lawsuit Thursday against an unidentified person who posted negative comments about him on StarNews online forums. The suit, filed in New Hanover County Superior Court, seeks at least $50,000 in compensatory damages and $50,000 in punitive damages for each statement. The defendant is identified in the lawsuit as “John Doe aka sandy.brown.realtor,” the online user name of the person who wrote the statements about Knight.

Police: Va. Tech gets online threat - 10/22/09
Virginia Tech police are investigating threats of another mass shooting at the university in a YouTube posting.

Parents had a right to know about threat - 10/22/09
Parents of students at Charlottetown Rural who criticized school officials recently for not notifying them about an online threat of a school shooting were right to speak up. They had a right to know. After all, it's ultimately their right to decide whether to keep their children home from school.

Students susceptible to social network threats - 10/22/09
Two or three students report being the victim of cyber stalking or restraining order violations through social networking Web sites, e-mail or cell phones each semester according to University Police.

Consider what you post - 10/22/09
Facebook, Twitter and MySpace are incredibly popular among people in high school and college; that is no question.
We are into the social scene and we want to be in constant contact with our friends and want to make new ones.

Hacking Voicemails Lands Jealous PR Guru in Court - 10/22/09
Whether they were stalking us on MySpace from a secret account, drunkenly crashing our birthday parties, or just texting and calling 200 times a day for three months straight, we've all got our share of crazy exes. But those stories would pale in comparison to the tales that the exes of Ali Wise would tell.

Treat Textual Harassment Like Other Harassment, HR Advises - 10/22/09
Textual harassment is on the rise, according to the July 20, 2009, issue of The National Law Journal, citing recent court cases around the United States.
Textual harassment involves sending offensive or inappropriate text messages. “The most prominent cases have involved male bosses who have sent scandalous texts to female employees, asking them out on dates or promising promotions in exchange for sexual favors,” the Journal reports.

Norton: Social networking sites are 'torture' - 10/22/09
Edward Norton thinks social networking sites are like "torture".
Unlike many other celebrities, the 'Leaves of Grass' actor has never written an internet blog because he hates the idea of people cyber stalking him.

Police: Gang Threat Against Woman Is E-Mail Hoax - 10/21/09
An e-mail claiming that Chicago gang members plan to kill women as a part of initiation is a hoax, police say.
The e-mail, which has been circulating for at least the past week, claims that gang initiation starts on Wednesday, Oct. 21. The e-mail claims that gang members plan to kill 140 women in total, and that women will be targeted around the Chicago area.

Could you be a stalker's next victim? - 10/21/09
Following a shocking report into the problem of stalking, we look at how police deal with the crime and how in one woman's case, they ended years of abuse from a stranger.

Cost of cyber crime reaches £390m - 10/21/09
Businesses have been warned that internet crime is costing Wales around £390m a year.
The revelation comes as about 400 business leaders and experts gather for a summit to tackle the growing problem.

Internet opens a door for predators - 10/20/09
Since there have been adults and children, there have probably been adults who prey on children, said Nils Frederiksen, deputy press secretary for the state Attorney General.

Dear stalkers, stop requesting sex over facebook - 10/20/09
Dear Stalkers:
Since I started writing this blog, I‘ve come to accept that some of you out there in internet-land aren’t entirely normal. You seem to think that because I write about my sexual encounters with new acquaintances at swingers parties that I will be wooed by your sexual requests via Facebook as a kind of gratitude for friending me or reading my blogs.

A Caddo parish constable says an 11-year-old girl used a cell phone to threaten to murder a girl. - 10/20/09
The mother of the victim reached out to NBC 6 news reporter Karen Hopkins. It's a story you'll see only on Nbc 6. But first, we want to warn you, what you are about to hear may be disturbing.
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